November 27, 2011


 you know what is the 'not good situation' is? when you want something but you can't get it. Last Saturday i went to Brightspot Market at Plaza Senayan. my feet directly bring me to nine-12(remember right? one of local brand that have debuted at Jakarta Fashion Week a.k.a who give me the invitation) stand. and when i get there, my favorite is sold out, god bless. and i meet the designer a.k.a owner of Nine-12 mba Dian Aisyah. and she recommended a maxi skirt and 'carllota tops' you can see it bellow :) and thanks god they have online shop, and i can order online. God  bless my chinese new year outfits. YAY!

for sure i really want to buy a lot  of thing there but the weather outside is too hot and also inside of the hall, am sweating when i step in and i am so not comfortable. so i hope i can buy all of it online.
click here it will link you to nine-12

bunch of love,


  1. i love your outfits! <3 aaaaah wish i could attend bright spot juga TT^TT

  2. nice! xo

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  3. Hi, I've just stumbled across your blog and its cute. Love that shirt :)
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  4. hey , great post!! and I like the watermelon on your tee,
    unique !!


  5. nice post, keep share yaa