February 2, 2012

when you don't know a thing

Jacket with cape sleeves - COTTON INK
Brown Dress - Unknown
Necklace - (damn! i forget where i bought this)
Black Hells - Charles & Keith

Today i really know what people think about me and i know things about them. 
first, people says that i am a weirdo because i like to be alone, for me that's not alone, i just enjoying my own world, i like to read book and listen to the music. i am not a weirdo, okay? believe me? 
second, they says that i am a rich girl. what? i really don't know why they say this *sigh*. 
but its okay. amen for that.  

the points i get from my little chitchat with 2 of my friend today is don't judge a person by how they act and BELIEVE


  1. aaa cici *hugs* yet we girls are the best ones to put on a smile and make everything seems better. hold on! cause when the true friends come, nothing can separate that one soul in two places ♥

  2. Lovely outfit ^^ I love all the photos here, especially the tone. Did you edited? Ajarin doooonk hehehehe :D

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  3. the cape is cool :)
    and your necklaces, theyre really SOMETHING <3


  4. sigh! obviously you are not weird, who said that? how dare! unnie you look pretty with the cape and necklace. <333 XOXO


  5. Of course you're not a weirdo, sweetty.. everybody have their own personality..
    People are not the same.. You need them.. and they need you as well..
    Just ignore them.. They don't know you..

    You know, people always judge me that I'm an arrogant person from the first impression.. But it wasn't like that.. its because I'm just a type of person that hard to remember peoples name and faces sometimes..
    But in fact, my best friend told me that actually I'm the one who always greet them first..
    So.. Just don't give a shit to that.. They just don't know you.. =3

  6. never care too much about others opinion about you, if you look rich so what? it's a compliment dear.


  7. oh dear,
    you are not a weirdo, sweetie. you have a good personality and you really have a good sense of fashion. i love your necklace i wish i could find one like that. and the cape is so cute. you look stunning with your outfit! your friends think that you are a rich girl maybe because you are always dressed well. you style everything well and it makes you look classy.
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  8. hi sweetie, i am your new follower now. kisses :* cant wait for your next post

  9. first of all, weirdo is not so bad, hahah i mean i like it when people call me weirdo, because that means you're unique and one of a kind! that means you're not faking yourself in order to fit in, which most people nowadays do. secondly, don't worry about what people say, you know yourself more than anyone. people who judge you are those who don't know you yet think they do. why give a dang? :) oh and lastly, love the cape.


  10. i like this cape on you! and the necklaces! so pretty :D
    who's saying what now? just ignore them!

  11. how sweet you are :) pretty girl ...

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  12. ahhh the cape is soooo cute!! i love:)) u look really chic here:D

    oh and one thing that I can share w/u about being "weird" - its super awesome.. instead of being ordinary- extraordinary is just fine;)) hihihi..so cheer up dear...you're not alone..just be urself and shine:D

    have a nice colourful day:)

  13. nice b;log , mind to follow each other ? my pleasure if you want .
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  14. i'd love to see you again too, you little miss judes-looking who turned out to be funny! hahaha


  15. Thanks for your sweet comment!:) haha, you know, I believe weird is nice, I rather be weird than normal! It means you have ur own personality and character! So don't be fazed! xxx

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  16. i love ur cape, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work and ill be visiting you again very soon hehe :)

    (open to all)

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  18. You're not a weirdo! You're cute :)
    Love your cape btw!

    Have a nice weekend!

  19. Well I'm glad that you're the one who's happy with your own self, aaand people always talk whether u do a good or a bad thing, so forget them! :D

  20. You should only care about the opinions from people who matter to us. The others? Forget it.. they'll keep judging us but as long as we are happy its okay!

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