April 10, 2012

Surviving With Beauty

If you have been through some recent trauma, whether it is mesothelioma cancer caused by exposure to asbestos or you were diagnosed with breast cancer, you know how easy it is to feel as though you are have gotten knocked off your feet. If your life has been disrupted, you may be reaching for any strength that you might have, and the truth is, your strength can come from some pretty interesting places. More and more women are finding their strength in beauty, and if you are woman, who loves beauty, consider the fashions that can bring out your inner star.

If you are someone who loves the beauty of fashion, consider the fabrics that are involved. While polyester definitely has its place as a stain-free, wrinkle free fabric, you will discover that a small amount of inspection will open up a whole new field of fabrics to you. For example, consider the fun of wearing cotton, which is light, summery and breathable. Choose clothes in cotton if you want a very light look around you. If you like your fashions a little more weighty, don’t forget to consider things like wool. Wool is heavy and warm, but it can also be a little stern. If wool is too stern, lighten things up with an inexpressibly soft angora.

If you are invested in luxury and beauty, never forget about silk. Silk has a sheen that is tough to match, and you will also find out that it is very durable. A good silk garment can last a long time, and you will find that silk has an elegant drape that is hard to beat. Choose silk because it is beautiful and because you deserve to wear it.

After you have decided on fabric types you like, don’t forget to think about the kind of clothing that suits you best. Some women prefer fitted, very tailored clothing, while other women prefer clothing that flows and billows around them. If you prefer your clothing to flow around you, simply look for lighter fabrics, and go with cotton or silk gauze. On the other hand, if you want your clothing fitted to your body, don’t forget the benefit of personal tailors or tailoring places. A tailoring place can easily take in a garment and help make it fit you more precisely. This service takes less cash than you might think and the results can be impressive

When you are invested in your own beauty, remember that you are invested in yourself. You are saying that your body deserves care and that you can affect the way that the world and you yourself sees you. This is an impressive source of power for someone who might have been feeling a little fraught previously. Think about all the things that you can do that make you feel beautiful. In the grand scheme of things, they take very little time and you can accomplish them with surprising ease.

Remember that you do not owe beauty to anyone. While it is fine to dress up and to enjoy yourself, you do not have to be beautiful every day. Just because you decide to spend the day in sweatpants and a T-shirt does not mean that you are less beautiful than you were the day that you chose to put on your makeup and dress up.

Take a moment to remind yourself of what a beautiful woman you are. Nothing can take that away from you, but sometimes, in light of the things happening in your life, it is easy to forget. Find out how fashion can help you remember what a gorgeous person you are. 

by : Jackie Clark