August 18, 2013

different place.

Hai! i'm here! in Bangkok! this city is just as unique as the people.
and i really love my job here, even tho sometimes i miss my social life back in Jakarta, i realize that i choose my own path and i choose to have this kind of life, that i spend my day in the kitchen and sleep. its really tiring but its fun to make good food.
okay, this is the story of Bangkok, i get shoo by the taxi driver because he can't speak english and i can't speak thai. the 'ojek' here is such a bitch, they know im foreigner and the ask for a lot of money. i'm angry with the provider operator because they don't understand what i say and what i want. enough for the bad things, and here's the good things, in Bangkok they have Metro (subway) and BTS (skytrain) that really clean and organized (better than singapore, fyi), some of the people are really kind!, and i work in the kitchen of Bangkok best restaurant (Vertigo, Banyan Tree Hotel) and the malls?? AMAZING! the food INCREDIBLE! and the best part is, what ever you are wearing, people won't stare at you like Indonesia people did. hahahaha

and the photo i take is  in 4 different places. hahaha.

 +H&M Dress | The Goods Dept tote bag | Underground - creeper |  Tar Mafia Hat+


  1. cool shirt-dress

  2. I just found your blog and I really like your concept,plus your pictures are lovely:)
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  3. Loooooove the dress!!!! So my cup of tea!!!:))

  4. loving the whole outfit! the dress, snapback, creepers, tote bag! totally rad! anyway would u mind checking out my latest post ? thanks before :) xx

  5. Love your dress. You got a great style as always !
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  6. this is such a cool Outfit
    i love the refreshign Colors

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  7. love your bag! hope you have fun in bangkok! :)

    Carla Cee

  8. love your big shirt dear ;)
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  9. sporty chic <3

  10. kirain jalan jalan ke bangkok.. goodluck for you :)

  11. ih keren bgtt foto d subway i mau jgg dsniii gk bs foto d public transportation u know laaa jd sorry wo norakk dkit hahahaha :p

    Letters To Juliet