September 29, 2013

keep going

That feeling when you want to see a new people everyday but endup seeing the same people but with different personality everyday? it sucks! and all you do is shut up, smile and be patient. sometimes i want to be angry, i want shout at them and i feel like i don't belong here anymore. But, i always remember someone said to me "this is what you choose, this is your dream, if you back off and give up you can no longer catch up." so, this is what i do, smile, keep shut-ing my mouth, do what ever i need to do and keep going, because in the end of every dark tunnel there is a light.

and by the way i got this dungaree from some secondhand market in Bangkok that i forgot the name, bcs it is not a tourist kind of place. and it is really cheap!

+Monstore - top | The Goods Dept - tote bag | Riots Barbie - sunnies |
Dr Martens - shoes |  unbranded - dungaree | ONLYi diamond necklace+


  1. Just keep smiling! love your quirky outfit by the way :)

    Thirdbite | style blog

  2. aaah mayiin itu lucu banget dungaree nya !

  3. Super love love your look here ! Dungarees, top , and boots fits you well !

    Chic Swank

  4. I want your dc Martens shoes =)

  5. Your outfit is so fun and quirky, I love your unique look :)

  6. woah what a cute outfit! love it so much :)


  7. that nice dungaree, love it damn much!

  8. oh I love your sunnies
    and that is a pretty cool dungaree :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  9. lope your pinafore and sunnies too omg so kece my eoonnieee gils gk sabar you d jkt hehe. anywayy just hold onto it for a while more, cause you can do it hehe everydayy you are getting closer to your dream. xx

    Letters To Juliet