December 17, 2013

Here's To Never Growing Up // Best Of the Both World

Sawasdee! Finally! got time to write a blog! even i do this in the middle of night where my eyes are half close after long day at work. for some people that don't know what am i doing for life, you might need to keep scrolling down, because i gonna share some picture of me doing something that i really like that is farfar away from fashion world.

and, you know what is hard for me? i work in the Kitchen, i have to work when you guys have holiday! i have to work when you guys can have a party in the weekend or shopping with friend. i have no time to go shop, or just window shopping. and when i have my off day, my body just not in the mood to go out, so i just go to the nearest coffee shop (the best coffee shop that i ever been!) from my apartment to read my fave books or just sleep all day.
fashion and culinary, same in art, different life. it is not easy to maintain life with a lots of thing happening around, in totally different world. 

+Pistol - top | Zara - bag | Issue - Hat |
| Underground - creeper |

and here the coffee shop that i talked about earlier.

 and at lassttt, this is what I'm doing for life!!!

this picture was taken when me and my colleague went to receive an award for our restaurant. we won the best restaurant in Bangkok in European category. Congrats Vertigo!

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  1. want your snapbackkk!
    and congrats!

  2. Great to see that your hard work has paid off!

  3. Love your shoes! And congrats for the award :)

  4. eonniiiieee bogoshipppoooo i cant describeee. i miss taking ootd pictures with you and talk about many silly & unimportant things w you hiksss :( youre the first one who introduces me to makeup too hehe u are the best eonnie!!! and you kece bgt skrg disana makin kece ME LOVE <3 cant wait till the dayyyy we meetttt muah xoxo

    Letters To Juliet

  5. Meiiii topi yuuuu, oh nooo im in love!


  6. I love the top !!

  7. I want that snapback!! <3

    Please kindly check my blog too
    Thankiess ;)